Hatzalah of Crown Heights

When a call comes in to Hatzalah of Crown Heights for emergency medical assistance, the person placing that call can rest assured that the volunteers responding to his or her call are among the most highly trained and capable Emergency Medical Technicians in New York, having passed all of the demanding New York State certification exams. Not only must an applicant for membership in Crown Heights Hatzalah demonstrate strong technical knowledge, but that individual must also exhibit an unquestioned caliber of moral rectitude.

Crown Heights Hatzalah members range from newly-wed Kollel members, professionals and businessmen in their early twenties to grandfathers in their fifties and sixties. While some have previous experience in the medical field (including physicians, PA’s and physical therapists) most are residents of the community united by a common concern for their fellow man, regardless of race, nationality, gender or religion.

You see them every day of the week – including Shabbos and Yom Tov, and at all times of the day and night; dashing out of their homes, shops and shuls in order to perform acts of chessed (mercy). They think nothing of giving up time from work, interrupting their participation in joyous family simchas or their davening to Hashem during the most important days of the Jewish calendar; when the call comes in to save the life of another human being – in many cases someone they don’t even know.

While we can’t ask you to run with us when an emergency arises in the middle of the night, we do need your financial support. Become an active partner by making a donation now, by mail or by clicking here.

Hatzalah members willingly volunteer their time to help a fellow neighbor. Your comments and suggestions will help us improve our response to the community. Please feel free to email a Hatzalah member by simply clicking here. Your comments about a recent Hatzalah call are appreciated and will be kept with the strictest confidence.

List of Current Members (in alphabetical order):
Andrusier, Abe
Andrusier, Dovy
Astulin, Dovid
Backer, Shmuly
Backman, PT, Chaim
Bernstein, Yisroel
Bistrisky, Yingy (Coordinator)
Brod, Levi
Bronstein, Leibel
Bryski, Eli (ALS)
Cohen, Yosef (Service)
Davis, Rabbi Eliyohu, (ALS)
Eckhaus, Mordechai, (ALS)
Feldman, Chanan
Freeman, Menachem
Fried, Yanky
Friedman, Menashe, (ALS)
Friedman, Yossi, (ALS/Coordinator)
Futerfass, Rabbi Yossi
Galatz, Shlomo
Goldberg, Shmuel
Golomb, Levi
Gorodetsky, Mendy (Coordinator)
Gross, Yossi
Grossman MD, Dr. Baruch, (ALS)
Gurvitsch, Avrohom Aba (ALS)
Gutnick, Peretz (Service)
Hassan, Berel
Hecht, Eli
Herrman, Ari
Hersh, Yaakov
Katz, Dovid
Katz, JJ (Coordinator)
Klein, Shmuel
Kreiman, Eli
Landau, Dov, (ALS)
Lerner, Yisroel
Levy, Moshe
Lew. Moshe
Litzman, Fishel, (ALS)
Malamud, Yossi
Meyers, Mendel
Neparstak, Zalmy (Service)
Nelkan MD, Zev
Neuwirth, Zevi, (ALS)
Posner, Chezy
Preger, Moshe
Rabin, Levi
Rapaport, Ezriel
Rimler, Heshey, (ALS)
Rimler, Yitzchok, (ALS)
Rimler, Zushie
Rosen MD, Dr. Eli, (ALS/Coordinator)
Shafer, Yehuda (ALS)
Simpson, Rabbi Yosef, (ALS/Coordinator)
Simpson, Zalman (Service)
Slavin, Shmuel
Spielman, Tzvi Hirsh, (Service)
Weingarten, Schneur
Weiss, Dov Ber
Wichnin, Nachmon Dov
Weiser, Sholly